Thursday, September 2, 2010

why second guess?

why second guess? we should be confident in what we know we have, not what we might or might not; to question our own will is almost fundamentally absurd, or even totally fundamentally absurd - if we cannot trust our own thoughts, then to whom do we turn for guidance? lucidity and clarity are key to understanding the human condition, this much is clear, but why then is it so easy to lose this lucidity? although admitting it pains me, i too am susceptible to the absurdity of life, we all are, to some degree, but perhaps the trick to keeping clear of the poppycock and balderdash is to not take life so seriously - we are here for a finite amount of time, but that time is eternity - it just depends on how we utilize it. be grateful with what we have, to want more than the gifts we've received by the great bounty of life, and truly the luck of the draw, is selfish and juvenile; we must move past our insecurities and embrace ourselves for the incredibly unique and beautiful people we all truly are, not who we might be if we applied more effort here, or more determination there: embrace yourself! you are incredible and this moment is incredible - live now, not then, don't be concerned with the past, or the future, or the mistakes we've made and the blunders that have crept in - live simply in the present! we just need to open our eyes enough to let the light in and caress us, and make us whole again. don't care about the opinions of others, for we are all in this together, and others are just as clouded and insecure in their own path - we must learn to trust our own thoughts and intuitions, because we have this fantastically complex and powerful mind for a reason, even if that reason isn't immediately apparent, and it won't misguide us, for what are we if not our mind? no matter how hard we try to, or how easy it seems it might be stray from the path of the fundamental truth, all the corkscrews and split roads eventually lead to the same path - stay true to you, and you'll get there faster.